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Clinton Wesley Morgan was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, where he grew up with a house full of sisters and parents who owned their own small business. Though they didn’t have much, they were raised to be appreciative of what they had and to work hard for what they wanted. After graduating from Leslie County High School, Wesley received student loans and attended Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky. There, he earned a degree in political science and history. Soon after, he attended Eastern Kentucky University where he earned another degree in accounting. Following college, he worked as an accountant, then as a auditor/criminal investigator for the United States Treasury Department and a criminal investigator for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. He even served on the protection detail for Vice President Walter Mondale. In 1982, Wesley decided to move back to Richmond and follow in his parents’ footsteps by opening his own business. Wesley is not a politician, nor did he ever plan on running for office. However, he felt it was his duty to step up and try to undo the harm big government politicians have caused.

Wesley is husband of Lindsey and father of Jordan (28) and Sydney (10). They are members of Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Richmond. Wesley, Lindsey, and Jordan are all EKU alumni and Sydney is a student at Kit Carson Elementary School. Wesley believes that a solid family unit, Christian values, strong work ethic, education, and adherence to constitutional principles are all essential to prosperity. He has fought hard for these things in Frankfort.

Wesley knows what it takes to protect our community. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, he served as a federal criminal investigator for both the Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. He also worked the security detail for Vice President Walter Mondale and even held top secret security clearance with the federal government. Wesley has many friends and family in law enforcement, including his daughter Jordan, who is an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney who prosecutes felonies on a daily basis. In every decision Wesley has made during his first term, he has worked closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that we keep our community safe.

For 36 years, Wesley has worked hard building his small business to provide for his family. Growing up, he watched his parents struggle as small business owners in rural Eastern Kentucky. As an accountant, he has been responsible for balancing the books and making payroll for hundreds of Kentuckians he has employed over the years. As a former Internal Revenue Service agent, he is all too familiar with the outdated and antiquated federal and state tax code. In all these roles, Wesley has seen firsthand the ways in which government can stifle economic growth and do more harm than good. That is why he has made it a priority to cut red tape and pass meaningful tax reform that benefits all Kentuckians.

Wesley’s background as federal criminal investigator qualifies him as an expert in sniffing out corruption. After spending his first term in Frankfort, he is convinced now more than ever that backdoor deals and dirty politics runs rampant in our state legislature. That is why he needs you to send him back to Frankfort to continue the fight. Wesley has been a thorn in the side of career politicians from both parties from the moment he took office. That is because he refuses to go along to get along. Instead of following orders and choosing between “right” and “left,” Wesley chooses between right and wrong. He will ALWAYS put principle over party.

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